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YOUTH SERVICES | Reach Foundation program update

Reach Foundation is an organisation of young people who work to inspire other young people to achieve their potential. Reach Foundation is looking for participants for their two new youth programs.

The Breaks
The Breaks is a series of five workshops for young people who want to pursue their creative interests skills in a safe, open, honest and inspirational space. Participants will work alongside industry experts to explore a range of creative streams including music, drama, dance, art and hip hop. The weekly workshops will take place at the Reach Dream Factory in Collingwood, Victoria, from 29 October to 26 November 2009, culminating in a performance night on Saturday 28 November.

Fused provides young people with a safe, open and friendly space to meet new people from their area and explore their everyday experiences. Commencing on 28 October, Fused interactive two-hour workshops take place once a week for five weeks in three different course locations around Melbourne.

Source: Youth News - Infoxchange Australia website, viewed 2 October 2009,

Contact: Reach Foundation

Phone: (03) 9412 0900