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ACYS calendar of events in the youth field

Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies

Events calendar for the youth field


Criteria for inclusion: ACYS will carry brief details of your event on this calendar free of charge if your conference meets the criteria for inclusion below. ACYS reserves the right not to list a resource.

Criteria used are:

  • The type of event listed must be a conference, symposium workshop or forum
  • Relevance: material submitted for consideration for use on this site needs to be relevant to youth researchers and youth workers, policy-makers and practitioners in areas such as health, education and those who work with youth.
  • Events listed must be formally organised by a public organisation whose contact details are easily verifiable.
  • Sufficient detail of such events must be given in order to help ACYS list the organisers' contact details clearly and in order to help readers make informed judgments about the event's relevance to their needs.
  • Geographic location: events in Australia held at a national or State/Territory level. International events are included where relevant to Australian youth studies or youth affairs.
  • Other criteria that may be used for evaluating material for this site include: authoritativeness, unique value, scholarly value, currency, reliability and/or accuracy of a resource. (Obviously not all the criteria will apply in each case.)

If you believe your event meets these criteria, then submit your conference details for consideration
via our handy online form
via email or
via fax to: (03) 6226 2578 or
via phone: (03) 6226 2591.

Please give complete contact details for the organiser; a very brief overview of the conference theme, and enough detail to help us evaluate whether or not it meets the criteria for inclusion below.

Other notes: ACYS can distribute copies of your printed conference flyers for a fee along with the mailouts of the ACYS journal, Youth Studies Australia. See details about the cost and requirements for mailouts, or inquire via email to acys @


  • ACYS reserves the right not to include an event on this calendar.
  • Information has been obtained from various sources deemed to be reliable. However before acting on this information, always check all details with event organiser(s) for the latest information, as event details may change.
  • While ACYS endeavours to include all events relevant to youth studies and youth research, this list may not be exhaustive

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