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Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies
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Promoting youth-related products or events

Do you have a youth-related product or event you'd like to promote to readers of Youth Studies Australia?

Youth Studies Australia does not place advertising on its pages. However, we are happy to distribute loose-leaf flyers along with Youth Studies Australia costs $330 (including GST).

It is very important to book in advance to have your flyer inserts distributed this way as we have a weight limit on mailouts of our journal and can include only four flyers with each journal distributed.


  • Cost: To distribute 1,400 of your flyers in our quarterly mailouts of Youth Studies Australia costs $330 (including GST).
  • Relevance: The product or event you are promoting should be relevant primarily to the Youth Studies Australia target readership -- those working or studying in the youth field - rather than appealing directly to young people themselves. (Refer to the criteria for inclusion of events listed at
  • Book in time: You must book well in advance of our publication dates in order to have your flyer inserts distributed this way, because we have a weight limit of four inserts per issue.
  • Our journal's mailouts occur in March, June, September and December. To book your space, contact ACYS
    via email: ACYS @ or fax: +61 3 6226 2578, or phone: +61 3 6226 2591.
  • The size and weight of your flyer is important: It should not exceed one A4 page, printed on paper stock less than 120 gsm.
  • All A4 sheets must be folded in half or thirds before being sent to us, so that they are ready for distribution in Youth Studies Australia.
  • Your flyers and payment need to reach the following address by the first of the month in which they are to be posted, and must be mailed to:
    ACYS Publishing
    University of Tasmania
    Fleet Street entrance (off Churchill Ave)
    Sandy Bay, Tasmania 7005 Australia.

For any further questions, please contact ACYS
via email: ACYS @, or phone: +61 3 6226 2591; fax: +61 3 6226 2578.

Last modified: 22 March, 2006


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