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Pregnancy loss linked to depression in young men

Young men whose partners have had an abortion or miscarriage are twice as likely to develop depression than those whose partners have never been pregnant, a new study has found. Original article

Young Carers in Education Supporting rural and remote young carers

Carers Australia has produced a booklet about the unique challenges faced by young carers in rural and remote Australia. Original article

26 Mar 2012

Tragic taser death shows we can do better for international students

The problem of international student security in Australia often relates to a lack of preparedness on behalf of the country, the host institutions and the students. Original article

26 Mar 2012

Education not punishment for sexting teens

This survey from the US sought the views of adults about children and teens sending sexually explicit, nude, or semi-nude photos via text message (known as sexting) and how those who are caught doing so should be punished. Original article

26 Mar 2012

Youth Justice Conferences: participant profile and conference characteristics

This brief describes the experience of attending a Youth Justice Conference, with regard to how long conferences take, who attends, what kinds of outcomes are agreed on, and whether these factors change in respect to the age, Indigenous status or gender of the young offender, or the location of the conference. Original article

26 Mar 2012

Child deaths – cyber bullying as a risk factor for youth suicide

The role of social networking (including online websites and text messaging) and related cyber bullying in influencing the lives of young people is an emerging issue in Australia. Original article

26 Mar 2012

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