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Information resources

Transport issues and youth

Contact your youth affairs office in your State/Territory for information, and your non-government peak youth affairs organisation for information about specific regions.

Transport for young people in rural and regional Australia

The Dusseldorp Skills Forum web site has a resource titled, A good practice transport guide for young people in rural areas. It gives information about transport projects aimed at young people both in Australia and overseas.A Transport Forum was held on the Central Coast, NSW in February 2003 (web links no longer available).
Youth transport guide for Tasmanian communities

The Tasmanian Youth Transport Strategy was launched in August 2003. The strategy recommended a number of options to improve transport for young people in Tasmania. One of the key recommendations was for a pilot community brokerage project to be initiated for young people in rural Tasmania. In January 2004, the Dorset Council received funding from the then Office of Youth Affairs (now OCYA) in Tasmania and the Department of Industry, Energy and Resources (DIER) to implement The Dorset Youth Transport Pilot. The Youth Transport Guide for Tasmanian Communities was based on Dorset Council's Youth Transport Pilot, The Wheel Deal.

Tasmanian Youth Transport Strategy

As part of this strategy for Tasmania, the Youth Network of Tasmania was contracted by the Tasmanian Goverment to undertake a youth consultation to support the work of the strategy's principle contractors, Booz Allen and Hamilton. In early 2004, a comprehensive and effective methodology was developed to gather a broad spectrum of young people's views on transport issues, particularly those in rural and isolated areas. (Tasmanian Youth Transport Strategy, PDF document link no longer available). Consult the Office of Children and Youth Affairs (OCYA) in Tasmania.

An investigation of transport problems and possible solutions for young people in rural and regional Australia

In 2003, the independent consultants Booz Allen Hamilton undertook a project, the Rural and Regional Young People and Transport Project as part of the work of the National Youth Affairs Research Scheme. The project aimed to investigate transport and travel for rural and regional young people, to examine successes and challenges in improving the provision of transport services to young people, and to focus on viable solutions to their transport needs. The projects covered every State and Territory in Australia. 

Towards a National Rural Youth Policy

In April 1993, the Centre for Rural Social Research hosted the Choices and Chances Conference on rural and remote youth issues. At that conference, the Australian Youth Policy and Action Coalition (AYPAC, then the national youth sector peak body) prepared a policy paper on rural and remote youth issues as a step towards developing national policies to respond to the changing needs and situations of rural young people. That 1993 paper may be of interest for posterity.

Snapshots from the edge: Young people and service providers on the urban fringe of Melbourne

This well-presented document of a 2004 conference in Victoria paints a picture of some of the ways in which the Victorian Government can improve services and opportunities for young people on the urban fringes of Melbourne. It explores the need for more public transport, better general infrastructure and mental health and homelessness services, and outlines the education and employment status of young people in fringe communities. (For details, see the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria.)

Rural and Regional Young People and Transport: Improving Access to Transport for Young People in Rural and Regional Australia

This report, prepared for the National Youth Affairs Research Scheme (NYARS) in January 2005 by Graham Currie, Fergus Gammie, Charles Waingold, Darryn Paterson and Davinia Vandersar, identifies options for improving transport services for young people in rural and regional Australia; success factors for these options; and the challenges faced by governments in improving transport services for young people in rural and regional Australia. More details.