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NB: for accurate results, use:

  • the most distinctive term(s) that's likely to be in the results you seek;
  • several distinctive words, e.g. youth urban transport; or
  • an exact phrase, enclosed with double quotation marks e.g. "rural youth"
    If searching for several different phrases, separate them from each other with a comma.

Take note of how you use the upper and lower case:

  • lower case to get a match with any word whether spelt with upper OR lower case e.g. typing "youth" will retrieve "YOUTH" as well as "Youth" as well as "youth"
  • the upper and lower case to get an exact match
    e.g. to find information on the JPET program, you would need to use the upper case. Typing" jpet" will retrieve different results.

More tips | Send a question to our help desk or contact us by phone/email for help.

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For content created from content in our quarterly journal, Youth Studies Australia: search the ACYS databases (results contain abstracts only)





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